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The 3 Priorities Health & Fitness Companies Need For Better Books

By June 19, 2018 No Comments

You didn’t get into the health and fitness world to keep track of receipts, manage bank statements, and report on cash flow. Regardless, healthy finances are something fitness business owners just can’t afford to ignore.

What does your business need?

You’ve got the studio, the equipment, and the staff, but do you have what you need for getting financially fit? Here are the three priorities that a fitness studio owner needs to consider:

  1. Accurate cash flow reporting so you can prioritize your business profit and keep from making reactionary decisions that aren’t in your best interest long-term
  2. A recurring bill pay system that allows for automated payments so your members are always paid up
  3. A streamlined, cloud-based technology that allows you to ditch the paper and upload receipts directly so that you’re always ready for a potential audit

There are a few ways for you to handle these details on your own, but the easiest, most efficient solution is letting an outsource company take over the management of your books so that you can get back to what you really love.

What can outsourcing do for your company?

You want to spend your time bringing people toward a healthier lifestyle. We get that. It’s why outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting with a company like Acuity will keep your financials growing in the right direction.

Here’s how Acuity can help:

  • We’re a Mindbody Partner so we understand the core health and fitness systems, and we’re already helping companies in the same industry as you
  • Running your own business isn’t easy, but we’ll help keep you compliant with various tax needs, like contractor 1099s and sales taxes
  • We’re big believers in regular, strategic 1:1 coaching sessions, and we’ll be the accounting partner you need to achieve optimum financial fitness

Healthy financials and healthy bodies go hand in hand, so it doesn’t matter if you’re running a Crossfit gym or a yoga studio, we can help get your books in shape. You focus on transforming lives, and we’ll make sure your accounting stays on the right track.

Ready to learn more? Click here to see how we can whip your books into shape today.