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5 Habits All Small Business Owners Need for Success

By October 8, 2018 No Comments

Starting a business takes vision, drive, and hard work. However, sometimes business owners get so used to putting all their time and energy into their business’ success that they are sabotaging their business’ future. From focusing on self-care to shifting your surroundings, here’s a little insight into the pathway to success.

1. Take care of yourself.

You just started your business — of course it’s zapping every ounce of your energy. That’s what it takes to thrive and grow, and you’re happy to do it. However, all work and no play makes Jack an exhausted boy.

So how do you rejuvenate? By taking a few measured steps to balance everything back out. First tip: Block out time for no work, no phone, and all play. Channel your energy into a hobby, cooking dinner, walking the dog, or anything else — just make sure it’s a break from work. Next, when possible, make sure you get good sleep. The time for all-nighter cramming is gone — instead give yourself the time to sleep, strategize, and revive. Even science says it’s a good idea.

2. Read. A lot.

People who read are more likely to be successful — it’s true.

Reading is not only time to yourself, it’s also time to get inspiration and advice. Books, articles, and novels alike provide opportunities for self-growth, new ideas, and sometimes much-needed revitalization – even if you can only spare 15 minutes a day.

3. Develop a routine, and then delegate.

Your to-do list is the secret to your success, and a solid routine will allow you to actually stay focused throughout the day — this isn’t a revolutionary idea. But what a daily regimen can actually help you do (which you might not realize now) is teach you what areas you can afford to delegate.

What do we mean by delegate? We mean handing off to a professional. When you’re in need of someone to handle your books or help you with legal advice, you don’t ask the secretary. You hire a professional who has multiple degrees and years of experience because you have a lot to do and you want someone to do it right the first time. That way, you can get back to knocking off your own to-do list. 

4. Hang around with success.

Reading about successful people is great, but why not surround yourself with them? If you haven’t already, find a community of people that have similar goals to you, are in the same industry as you, or simply like to get together on a dedicated Facebook group once a week to chat about business. You’ll learn from their mistakes, their triumphs, and build strong, lasting relationships in the process that will help you (and your business) to grow.

5. Change your environment.

Want a quick and easy way to shake things up? Change up your work environment. That may mean rearranging your office furniture or switching up your favorite remote office coffee shop, but either way, give a new place a spin every once in a while — you’ll surprise yourself by being more creative and more energetic.  

Building a business isn’t easy, but with these impactful, easy steps, you can influence the direction of your company toward continuous, steady growth. After all, when it works, it really, really works. Want more tips for building a successful business? Check out our tips for growing and developing your small business.