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5 Reasons Why We Love Gusto

By January 10, 2019 No Comments

5 reasons why we love gustoPayroll can be a daunting and overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve taken a few different payroll systems for a spin over the years, but this one has proven to be our favorite. Gusto’s automated and straightforward platform takes the headache out of handling payroll.

Below we’ll talk about a few of the reasons why we love using Gusto:

#1- Easy, User-Friendly Interface

Gusto was designed to make handling payroll an easy task. Not only is it easy to navigate and sync seamlessly with platforms like Timesheets, Xero, and QuickBooks, but its onboarding process is painless. Tracking benefits, requesting vacation & PTO, and automating payroll are all a breeze thanks to their intuitive model.

“Creating tax withholdings for new employees is a breeze, and Gusto takes care of all the state filings for you. And at a great low cost included in their payroll service!” – Kate Mosquera, Cloud Accounting Specialist

“Very user-friendly. I love that I can cancel and re-run the payroll easily if something comes up. Reports are easy to read also.” – Stephanie Barnett, Cloud Accounting Specialist

#2- Integration

At Acuity, we use two accounting platforms, QuickBooks Online and Xero. Gusto seamlessly integrates with both in addition to our expense management partner, Expensify. The payroll provider also accommodates a few time tracking software providers including TSheets and Homebase in addition to some point of sale and practice management platforms.

#3- Level Of Support

Gusto has a fantastic and knowledgeable support team that’s readily available to help with any issues that you encounter. They have three methods of support; phone, email, and chat. In addition to support, Gusto regularly posts various guides and resources on their site to provide additional help.

“Gusto gives us VIP support and automatic payroll journal entries! I’ve worked with other payroll companies and no other competitor comes close to them.” – Sammy Siddique, Cloud Accounting Team Lead

#4- Everything’s In One Place

Efficiently manage everything in one place whether you’re at your desk or on the go. Gusto allows you to log in and run payroll smoothly. Not only is there a desktop platform, but the website is also mobile friendly so you can run things from anywhere.

#5- User Access

Employees can easily access their Gusto accounts. Whether you need to view a paycheck stub, update your bank information, or even choose a charity to donate to, you can do it all within the Gusto platform. As a user of Gusto, I have to admit that I also love the “Hooray! You got paid!” emails that I receive every payday!

We could go on and on about why we think Gusto is a great payroll provider, but why don’t you take a look at it for yourself. Get started with Gusto here. If you’re interested in other platforms to help you operate more efficiently, check out our Business Owner’s Guide to a Winning Tech Stack.

Not sure where to start with your bookkeeping, let alone payroll? Contact us to learn more about our services.