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5 Things You Need For Efficient Real Estate Bookkeeping & Accounting

By September 17, 2018 No Comments

real estate bookkeeping and accounting tips

We know that houses don’t sell themselves, which is why time is always money when it comes to real estate. On top of that, each developer, property manager, agent or broker essentially operates as a small business, leaving room for little error when it comes to bookkeeping and accounting.

With little time to spend away from the task at hand, the perfect solution is often the easiest and most efficient one. From documenting credit card expenses to preparing monthly financial statements, the smartest solution for a real estate professional is often in outsourcing the finances. Here are the five most impactful ways you can benefit from passing off the books:

  1. Record all financial transactions including the posting of credit and debit card transactions.
  2. Issue invoices and maintaining payroll
  3. Balance both checkbooks and bank accounts
  4. Provide regular financial statements and tracking, including profit and loss reports
  5. Maintain tax forms and returns

Recording daily transactions, as well as high-level processes that give you insight into your business, can get infinitely complex as you get deeper into the details, which is exactly why you don’t have the time or effort to manage a complex accounting system. Outsourcing is the easier option, and Acuity has the system you need to succeed so you can get back to business.

Here’s how Acuity can help

We don’t believe that you need a complex in-house accounting system to be most productive, which is why our process is simple, detailed, and most of all, the most direct route to expenses that benefit you and your business. With integrated technology, designated bookkeepers and accountants, and a cloud-based workflow, we give you the tools you need to free up your time to make money.

Here’s what we excel at:

  • Industry-specific attention that targets your distinct needs as a developer, property manager, agent or broker
  • An accounting function that works with an ever-changing portfolio of properties
  • Ongoing assistance with the management of construction draws
  • Access to expert CFOs with invested real estate experience

Traditional bookkeeping won’t be able to keep up with your modern workplace, which is why we’re here. With over 35 years of certified experience, our in-house bookkeepers, accountants, and CFOs are ready to be your financial partner as your business grows.

Learn more about how we can help here.