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Acuity Attends SleeterCon, So You Don’t Have To.

By November 16, 2015 No Comments

“Wait! What’s SleeterCon and how am I missing it?” you’re probably saying.

Well, it’s the largest gathering of cloud accounting software vendors and accounting professionals in the country.  Now you’re saying “Oh yeah, we’ll I’m busy watching paint dry so I can’t make it.”   We get it.  For the majority of entrepreneurs, there are a million more important and interesting things that you’re focused on right now.  However for your accounting team at AcuityComplete there are a number of important things we’re doing:

Looking for Better Solutions
While only three of us are attending SleeterCon, we’ve been given a long list from our fellow colleagues of new solutions to review and seek out.  Today, implementing the most modern solutions in the industry like Xero,, Gusto, Avalara, and Zenefits on behalf of our clients to build them the most modern and scalable accounting function possible.  But what about tomorrow?  Who’s building better solutions around electronic payments, cryptocurrency, and financial modeling?  We need to be looking at and reviewing as many innovative solutions as possible.

Collaborating With Software Developers
So not only are we looking at what others are building, we’re actually working with a couple of different software companies directly as they build out their own software.  Now we’re not writing code, but we are advising on features and functionality.  This act of collaboration has helped us better understand and utilize tools that may ultimately benefit our clients.  It requires a much deeper understanding of these products than just knowing their feature lists off their web page, but that additional work and collaboration has helped us develop more knowledgeable team members.

Helping Modernization Our Industry
The accounting industry is not known for being very forward thinking, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few of us who are.  Events like SleeterCon allow us, at AcuityComplete, and others who believe there are more efficient and cost effective solutions to share ideas and push each other competitively.  The “This Is The Way We’ve Always Done It” mentality doesn’t fly in our company and we don’t believe it should apply to our client’s accounting functions.

None of the above items are things you, as an entrepreneur, really care about. Nor should you.  It’s our job to care about these things on your behalf.  Be prepared for your AcuityComplete team to implement new technologies for you in the future, and in the meantime feel free to say “I’m glad my accounting team is at SleeterCon, so that I don’t need to be there!”