• Breaking Down the New Tax Reform

    We want to help small business owners understand the new tax plan, so we’re partnering with Gusto to host an informational YouTube Live event on February 8th, 2018 at 4pm EST. Tune in to learn how the tax reform will affect your small business and have your questions answered by …

    Author: Kenji Kuramoto | Categories: Small Business, Taxes
  • acuity xerocon

    Xerocon Never Disappoints

    This past December I had the pleasure of attending #Xerocon17 – Xero’s fourth annual accounting innovation conference. The event was held in Austin, and as luck would have it, a rare Texas snowstorm decided to join the party. Needless to say, it was freezing – so much …

    Author: Kenji Kuramoto | Categories: Bookkeeping, Technology
  • business automation tools

    Top 12 Automation Tools to Scale Your Business

    Work Smarter (Not Harder) Using Top Business Automation Tools As technology advances and machines become smarter, the “automation revolution” is changing the way we conduct business. Business automation is especially useful for those looking to scale with limited resources and …

    Author: Kenji Kuramoto | Categories: Automation
  • Xero Bookkeeping

    5 Ways to Make Xero Work Better for Your Business

    Technology and business – it’s a love hate relationship. While technology can help propel companies towards phenomenal growth, it can also serve as a major source of stress for those implementing and leveraging new tools. And just like any relationship, there are always …

    Author: Kenji Kuramoto | Categories: Automation, Bookkeeping
  • cloud accounting service

    Your Top Cloud Accounting Questions, Answered

    The cloud accounting landscape is a vast space; it can be a playground of possibility or, without proper guidance, a huge waste of time and resources. Without knowing how to navigate the ever-changing cloud accounting ecosystem, your accountant might not even dip a toe into its …

    Author: Kenji Kuramoto | Categories: Automation, Technology
  • Cloud accounting experts

    A Step Into the Future of Cloud Accounting

    As a cloud-based accounting firm, we are major proponents of using modern technology to better serve our clients and build a stronger business. Peering into the future of the accounting industry and anticipating its potential impacts is an important part of our job description …

    Author: Kenji Kuramoto | Categories: Entrepreneurship, Small Business
  • productivity-tips-2017

    12 Tips to Skyrocket Your Productivity in 2017

    What is productivity? With all of its surrounding buzz, this word has almost become white noise, lacking any true meaning. But for small businesses in the fast-paced startup world, productivity could not be more critical for success. In fact, we’ve come across plenty of startups …

    Author: Kenji Kuramoto | Categories: Entrepreneurship, Small Business
  • starting-a-small-business

    8 Questions to Answer BEFORE Starting a Small Business

    Starting a small business is no simple feat. While the process can eventually lead to great reward, extensive preparation is a must in order to stand out and succeed in a market where over 514,000 businesses are born annually. Potential entrepreneurs must dig deep to deliver …

    Author: Kenji Kuramoto | Categories: Small Business
  • business-app-overload

    Business App Overload: What We Learned at Accountex

    A few weeks ago, our team had the privilege of attending Accountex USA, the leading independent accounting technology conference, along with hundreds of other finance and accounting professionals. The four-day event was held at the beautiful Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada. We heard …

    Author: Kenji Kuramoto | Categories: Entrepreneurship, Technology
  • acuity-loves-karbon

    Secret Sauce Behind Acuity’s Magic: Karbon

    “Ironically, in a changing world, playing it safe is one of the riskiest things you can do.” – Reid Hoffman At Acuity, we like to keep our customers’ financial engines running smoothly. We also like to keep it real and will be the first to tell you – we don’t go at it …

    Author: Kenji Kuramoto | Categories: Processes, Small Business

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