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Behind The Scenes At Venture Atlanta: Early Stage Startups

By October 20, 2015 No Comments
Venture Atlanta is finally here.
We started working with some of the greatest venture stage CEOs in the southeast back on September 15th as we began the pitch preparation at the Atlanta Tech Village.
Since then, these 32 presenting CEOs have been through 3 rounds of pitch feedback. Most have pitched now to 37 investors, CEOs, and venture community members who gave pitch feedback over the last month.
Now that coordinating all those schedules is done, here is our unofficial recap from the first session:

Company: Gimme Vending


Elevator Pitch: Connects vending machines to the internet of things
Raising: $1-3 MM
Trivia Tidbit: Each year the winner of the TAG Business Launch competition gets to present at Venture Atlanta – Gimme earned that honor this year.

Company: RootsRated


Elevator Pitch: Media platform to connect outdoor content to brands
Raising: $1-3 MM

Company: GPA Learn


Elevator Pitch: EdTech improving student engagement
Raising: $1-3 MM

Company: Convey Services


Elevator Pitch: Solution to provide training/content management for suppliers
Raising: $3-5 MM

Company: FotoIN Mobile


Elevator Pitch: Software to manage field photos for construction
Raising: $1-3 MM

Company: Clean Hands Safe Hands

Elevator Pitch: Hand sanitation solution for hospitals.
Raising: $1-3 MM

Company: GreenPrint


Elevator Pitch: Carbon neutral platform for offsetting oil and gas usage
Raising: $1-3 MM
Random fact: Pete selected Devonte Freemen in the 10th round of his fantasy football draft, if that doesn’t show great foresight and leadership, we don’t know what does.


Company: Hux


Elevator Pitch: Marketplace for house cleaning
Raising: $1-3 MM
Voted by peers: Most likely to get an out of town investment (All because his “Use of Proceeds” slide says they will open up new markets… in their VC’s home town.)

Company: Terminus

Elevator Pitch: SaaS solution for account-based marketing
Raising: >$5 MM
(Not so Little) known fact: Terminus announced before today’s conference start that they have raised $1.8mil.

Company: Lasso

Elevator Pitch: SaaS workforce management system for events
Raising: $3-5 MM
Little known fact: Clay’s first company helped produce this year’s Dreamforce, which was attended by four of the Venture Atlanta presenting companies.

Company: Florence Healthcare

Elevator Pitch: Software making clinical trials more efficient
Raising: $1-3 MM