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Behind The Scenes at Venture Atlanta: Spotlight Presentations

By October 21, 2015 No Comments
Venture Atlanta
What a day Tuesday was at Venture Atlanta, but not to outdone was the last flight of presenting companies, starting with the biggest one of the conference:

Company: HM Wallace

Elevator Pitch: $50 MM++ revenue Ecommerce company with tech enabled services
Raising: >$5MM
Best getting started story: They thought they could sell plumbing supplies online, so they built a website and launched it. By lunch they had to shut the website off because they had to figure out how to ship a toilet (evidently porcelain is tough to ship without breaking and toilets are awkward sizes). Safe to say they have figured it out now.

Company: Overgroup

Elevator Pitch: SaaS telecom/metered billing solution
Raising: $3-5 MM

Company: G11n

Elevator Pitch: Translation and brand building for non-English speakers
Raising: >$5 MM

Company: Insightpool

Elevator Pitch: SaaS platform for helping brands manage social media
Raising: >$5 MM
Voted by peers: Most likely to blow up your twitter feed at Venture Atlanta …and pretty much any other time.

Company: Lucena Research Inc

Elevator Pitch: Predictive analytics for wealth advisors
Raising: >$5 MM


Elevator Pitch: B2B CRM solution
Raising: $1-3 MM

Company: SherpaDesk

Elevator Pitch: Software to track time, invoice and manage project profitability
Raising: $1-3 MM

Company: Smart Gladiator

Smart Gladiator
Elevator Pitch: Wearable data collection devices
Raising: $1-3 MM

Company: FSLogix

Elevator Pitch: Support for cloud and virtual desktops
Raising: $3-5 MM

Company: Central BOS

Elevator Pitch: Back office SaaS solution for SMB (accounting, payroll, pmts)
Raising: $1-3 MM

Company: Menguin Inc

Elevator Pitch: Online tuxedo rental
Raising: $1-3 MM
 Voted By Destiny: Most likely to receive investment from Tuxedo Capital 🙂
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