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Behind the Scenes At Venture Atlanta: Venture Spotlight Recap

By October 20, 2015 No Comments
We hit the growth capital button hard in the second session today, here is our unofficial recap:

Company: Salesfusion

Elevator Pitch: Marketing automation for $5-500 MM businesses
Raising: >$5 MM

Company: N2N Services

Elevator Pitch: EdTech connecting diverse education systems
Raising: >$5 MM

Company: Lumense

Elevator Pitch: Next gen biological sensor technology
Raising: $3-5 MM

Company: Logfire

Elevator Pitch: Supply chain solutions
Raising: > $5 MM

Company: AchieveIt

Elevator Pitch: Platform for planning, project management, BI, collaboration, & document management
Raising: >$5 MM

Company: Azalea Health

Elevator Pitch: EHR and collections for medical
Raising: >$5 MM
Will History Repeat?: After his 2013 Venture Atlanta presentation, Baha and team closed their Series A
and bought SimplifyMD, not bad for the former bootstrappers from Valdosta, Georgia, we can’t wait to see
what happens now that they are looking for growth capital.

Company: BuzzBoard, Inc.

Elevator Pitch: SaaS solution to improve sales rep efficiency with systems integration
Raising: >$5 MM

Company: Knapsack

Elevator Pitch: AdTech with content relevance focus
Raising: $3-5 MM

Company: StrataCloud

Elevator Pitch: Platform to enable installation & configuration of software infrastructure
Raising: >$5 MM

Company: Roadie

Elevator Pitch: Neighbor to neighbor delivery app
Raising: >$5 MM
Roadie Shows Up: Roadie closes Day 1 presentations with a surprise performance by the one, the only, Luda.