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Best Bank for Startups: Relay Financial

By July 13, 2022 No Comments

Long story short: too many startups are annoyed with their bank. So, a question we get asked a lot is: what’s the best bank for startups?

After looking into several of the major banks, our clients have just had some bad experiences. Some were getting charged over $100 per month to keep their account open. Others had issues with their bank accounts not integrating with QuickBooks or Xero.

But the misery stops here, folks, with Relay Financial.

Relay and Only Relay

We were hoping to give you some options. But Relay Financial is the only bank we’ve found that truly gets it.

Check out this video to learn why it’s the best bank for startups:

Video Transcript

So we keep getting asked — because people are annoyed about their banks — “What’s the best bank for startups?”

We started with an analysis of all of the major banks. We had people get charged $120 a month just to have an account. We had a client that had to take all of their signers physically into the branch at the same time to change the signature card. And if they couldn’t show up, they got kicked off the signature card. Then we have this problem with technology — stopping talking to QuickBooks, stopping talking to Xero…it’s just a miserable experience. It puts the burden back on the entrepreneur to reconnect the account and do these things. We were hoping to give you like the top three banks, but we’ve kind of narrowed it down to one. There’s one called Relay Financial that just gets it.

They have this simple way to get you started. You upload your organizational docs, you do a couple of things online, and all of a sudden you have a bank account. It charges you no monthly fees. If you go for the bill pay services, there’s a little upcharge for 50 bucks a month, but that includes a bunch of services. So no monthly fees in the base package. So I love the MVP there. For our startups, the wire fees are five bucks a wire. So I compare that to the most of the other banks (it was anywhere from 25 to 50 bucks a wire which was just kind of nuts). Third thing – instant provisioning. You can add signers online. You can add debit cards to any employees. You can restrict the debit card immediately for all your employees. Then the last thing – they’re built for integration. One of the founders there was an early employee at Hubdoc — they get it.

I wish we had more recommendations for you on the bank side, but let’s shortcut it for you. Try Relay Financial. It’s an easy solution. Best startup bank, according to Acuity.

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