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Best Time to Get Tax Advice

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Small Business Tax Advice

If you’re looking for more than your standard tax return, you may want to consider having a strategy for getting the best advisement on your tax questions.  At the beginning of the year, financial advisors are spread extremely thin. By approaching your advisor during their slow season you may find that you get more for your money. Tax preparation services require accountants to handle tremendous volumes of returns. For much of the year, small business tax advisors are laser-focused on getting your returns completed accurately, so why not ask them for advice when they can actually provide strategic consultations for your business? Here’s a quick snapshot of a CPA’s schedule:

Small Business Tax Advice

As you can see, there are only two short windows during the year to get your small business tax advisor’s undivided attention. The winners are…

  • May 1 – July 31
  • Nov 1 – Dec 15

How you do you capitalize on your accountant’s schedule?

Schedule an appointment with your tax advisor during the times mentioned above to get strategic business advice and follow these steps for a flawless session that will greatly benefit your business:

  1. Set up a meeting within May 1 to July 31 or Nov 1 to Dec 15.
  2. Prep by researching tax credits that apply to your industry, location, training, R&D or new jobs. Check out blog posts by trusted advisors to find extra tax credits too.
  3. Give your bookkeeper, controller or CFO a little update on your business and what’s been going on recently to get them in the mindset of consulting for your business and providing advice that’s applicable to you.
  4. Ask them for advice on:
    1. Tax strategies and credits
    2. Tax credits you should be applying for that you aren’t currently taken advantage of
    3. Tax credits you can apply to your payroll tax liability if you aren’t paying income tax yet

Looking for quality tax advice? What are you waiting for — go see your tax advisor today.

If you’d like to start thinking strategically about your small business’ tax situation, let us know. We’re ready when you are.


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