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Clean up your company’s books in one simple, coherent checklist by Acuity.

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bookkeeping clean up checklist

This checklist covers:

Importance of Clean Up

Keeping clean books helps you avoid undervaluation of your business, missed tax breaks, and audits from the IRS.

Business Survival Rate

Routine bookkeeping more than doubles your business’s chance of surviving.

Untangling Expenses

Sorting out expenses can help you see where your money is going and identify ways to be a more profitable business.


Categorizing expenses can help you spot areas where you can cut costs and run a more efficient business.


Checking your bank feeds can help you catch any mistakes or fraudulent activity before they get out of hand.

Free Financial Health Score

A quick health check can help you figure out how financially fit your business is, while finding ways to improve it.

Business Budgeting

Budgeting helps you better manage your cash flow and make smarter decisions about how to grow your business.

Accounting Systems

Using an accounting system can save you almost 20x more time, so you can get back to running your business.

Clean up your company’s books in one simple, complete checklist.

Routine bookkeeping clean up is directly connected to business survival rate – the more you review your books, the better chance you have of succeeding.

A bookkeeping clean up checklist is an actionable way to improve your financial health, identifying key steps to tidy your books and build a strategy to continue managing them on a regular basis.

Download this checklist from Acuity, and start optimizing your financials. Simplify your processes with the help of this guided checklist, including insightful data, helpful resources, and easy-to-use templates.

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