Boosting Retention: The Keys to Managing Turnover

Employee turnover is costly, but what can businesses do to minimize it? Acuity VP of Sales & Marketing, Matthew May, was joined by JazzHR Director of HR, Corey Berkey, for a discussion about the labor economy today and steps businesses can take to boost retention. This webinar covers:


Today’s Turnover Trends

Get the latest industry research including the percentage of the workforce that changed jobs in 2018, the estimated turnover costs associated with this movement, and the predictions for 2020.

Understanding Why People Leave

Explore both the internal and external factors that cause people to leave a job. This will help you better recognize the signs that someone may be looking to transition and allow you to be more proactive.

Identifying & Improving Forces Within Your Own Business

Learn what influences your business specifically and what you can do as a leader to improve the environment within your own organization.

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