CollBox is the easiest way to get paid on past-due invoices. Create a free account, see what you’re owed and send accounts to a Receivables Specialist or to a vetted Collection Agency in just 3 clicks and get paid for your hard work.

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CollBox’s mission is to help businesses get paid for their hard work by making the process of recovering on their past-due invoices as streamlined and transparent as possible. Businesses can let go of their stress caused by unpaid invoices and focus on what they do best, knowing their unpaid sales efforts are in the best hands possible. With CollBox, a business can send past-due accounts to a Receivables Specialist for gentle, professional follow up calls and e-mail and expand their back office without any of the burden of recruiting, hiring and training seasoned Accounts Receivables staff all for one low, monthly fee that is a fraction of the cost of bringing on a full staff member to get those accounts paid. For more difficult accounts, where they’ve exhausted all efforts, businesses can submit accounts to an ethical collection agency from our network of vetted partners who is best suited to collecting for that specific situation in just a few clicks. CollBox Agency Partners work off of a contingency model so they only get paid for their work when the business does, otherwise there is no fee at all. CollBox was launched after winning the Grand Prize at the QuickBooks Connect Hack-a-thon on 2015. It was started with the goal of simplifying the task of collecting on unpaid invoices for hard work that has already been done by a business. We’ve been able to simplify the process by integrating with cloud-based accounting solutions (like QuickBooks Online, Xero & Freshbooks) to automatically provide all of the documents our specialists or the collection agencies need to do their work, all while making it easy to track the state of those efforts in one easy to use app. To date, over 1,800 businesses are using CollBox and have recovered over $1.5M using our services.

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A free account to see what you’re owed and to learn what actions to take to get paid

Two effective services to get you paid for your hard work: soft touch outsourced billing or the ability to escalate accounts to an ethical, effective collection agency

Competitive pricing on all services with either a low monthly fee for gentle recovery or risk-free, contingency only fees when sending accounts to collections

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