Customer Retention: Keep Paying Customers Paying More

As a business owner, everything is funnel, funnel, funnel, sales, sales, sales. We spend so much time paying attention to people who haven’t paid us anything. As such, you are likely growing in sales — but you are losing customers. Enter The Forgotten Funnel. The Forgotten Funnel is comprised of people who have already paid you. In order to build a really valuable business you must pay attention to paying people. This webinar with Gravy Solutions covers:


4-Step System

The 4-step system to create higher paying and longer staying clients

Shifting Focus

How shifting your focus to paying people will revolutionize your business and create an unlikely revenue source

Gravy Solutions

Information about the Gravy Solutions Sticky Business Bundle which includes:
• A "Revenue Rescue” consult to identify what’s preventing growth in your business
• Access to the “Sticky Business Calculator"
• A private introduction to Gravy’s system for returning revenue to its customers ($28 million to-date)

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