You Sell On BigCommerce

You are the master of your business and have created your own online store on BigCommerce where you can sell your products around the clock and around the world. Unfortunately, most accountants don’t understand the dynamics of your business. But we do.

Here are your challenges

Customers & Fulfillment

You live and die by your listings and pricing. You struggle with pricing / repricing, wrestle with managing returns, and work hard for the best customer feedback you can get. You want to get orders for your customers as quickly and painlessly as possible with it costing you an arm and a leg.

Running the Business

You’re running the whole show – sourcing product, handling customer service, marketing, competition, and maybe even hiring help. You’re in charge of everything, and sometimes that makes it difficult to do everything well. You sometimes wish you had a sounding board to help ensure you are headed in the right direction and using the most of your time and resources.

Cash Flow

It’s challenging to know when you should be investing in more inventory, paying yourself more, increasing your marketing, or setting money aside for future needs. You need guidance on managing multiple credit cards, alternative financing (i.e. Kabbage or PayPal loans), or getting a bank loan.


You may know if you’re making a profit on what you sell, but you don’t know if that’s enough to support your overhead or the growing inventory needs for your business. You don’t know if you’re profitable overall, and you don’t know which of your products is making the most money.

Sales Tax

You have to collect sales tax for sales in states where you have “nexus,” and, of course, you then need to remit it to the government. It’s just one more headache you don’t have time to deal with.

BigCommerce Accounting Services

Acuity provides a complete outsourced Ecommerce accounting service for your BigCommerce business.

  • Ecommerce consulting – ongoing business, technical, and process optimization guidance
  • Setup of integrated cloud accounting, cloud inventory, sales tax, and supporting tools
  • Sales tax registration and filing=
  • Daily bookkeeping
  • Ecommerce Controller service

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