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End Of The Billable Hour?

By August 16, 2013 No Comments

A friend and fellow Atlanta Tech Village member, Anna Ruth, forwarded us a great NYT article about how a few rogue accountants and other service providers are seeking to break the traditional bill-by-the-hour model. While the change of a pricing model may seem ordinary in other industries, in the highly traditional and slow-moving world of accounting, this is revolutionary.

The author of the article, Adam Davidson, draws an interesting historical parallel between the advent of billable hours in services industries and mass-production in manufacturing. Decades ago, mass production could be accomplished through brute force labor, but today technological advances have rendered most manual effort obsolete. So why do so many service providers cling to billable hours?

Our AcuityComplete team is glad that there are others also looking to disrupt old stodgy industries. Check out how we’re looking to break the traditional bookkeeping pricing model. How do you compensate your service providers? What pricing strategies have helped you receive both good service and good value from service providers?