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Right People, Right Seats

Need an expert to sit in your finance seat? We know just the person.

Trouble Building Your Scorecard?

Your data needs to be clean and up-to-date to make this happen. We can help you clean up, keep tidy, and build a solid scorecard.

Holding Your Team Accountable

Are you capturing the right data to hold people accountable? Sales, acquisition cost, operational spend – all of this flows from the accounting department to the accountability chart for your leadership team.

Trust The Process

We help build process to make sure that your numbers are clean – because better data = better business decisions. You'll be equipped to be efficient in your L10 meetings, set measurable goals, and build quality scorecards.
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We speak EOS.

Welcome to Acuity, the modern accounting firm designed for innovative entrepreneurs.

As a certified B Corp powered by EOS, we offer a unique blend of expertise, covering everything from virtual bookkeeping to fractional CFO services.

We’ve served over 2,000 innovative entrepreneurs, providing highly certified professionals, proven processes, and cutting-edge technologies – all at a fraction of the cost of an in-house accounting team.

We work in  your business so that you can work on  your business.


U.S.-based, growth-focused.

Tech-savvy and looking for expert financial help.

Based in fields like SaaS, ecommerce, and crypto.

$500K - $5M annual revenue (up to $15M for ecommerce).

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Acuity + Entrepreneurial Operating System

We run on the Entrepreneurial Operating System – why?

It’s made us a better company with a clearer vision. Our team is empowered through this clarity – knowing where we’re headed, our purpose for going there, and how we plan to do it.

Running on EOS means growth is in our DNA. It’s not a corporate buzzword, but it’s about delivering top-tier accounting solutions to our clients enabling them to make sound financial decisions.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System has given us the tools to manage operations, tackle challenges, and stay connected to the community we serve through a common language and framework.

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Our Core Values


We offer a calm work environment where colleagues are considerate of others and our clients know the work they receive has been considered thoughtfully, carefully, and with intention.


Each member of our team has the freedom to shape their work environment and the responsibility to provide sound thinking, keep their commitments, and speak up when needed.


We foster understanding and trust between team members and for each client by openly sharing information that supports clarity and confidence.


We are forward-looking, future-oriented, and highly adaptable in the way we pursue creative ideas and think about new solutions for fueling growth.


We are a company of people who enjoy working together, and who bring positivity to our work that makes clients confident we can solve their problems and glad to work with us.

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