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Free Financial Dashboard

By November 18, 2020 No Comments

financial dashboardGood business starts with great data. Being able to easily access and understand your financials at any given time doesn’t just give you a better understanding of your current financial state – it enables you to ask the right questions to help you prepare for your business’s future.

We highly recommend setting up financial dashboards for your business’s most important metrics — especially if you’re a visual person. This year in particular they’ve helped with financial transparency and accountability when managing remote employees. They’re also great for guiding exec team meetings and important business decision-making. 

If Jirav isn’t already on your radar, it definitely should be, and now Acuity is offering their Lite reporting dashboard to all of our clients for free! We’re big fans of both excellent customer service and powerful technology, which is why we want to make Jirav available to you. 

We’ll be your concierge through the signup process, take care of the initial dashboard setup for you, and even schedule 20 – 30 minutes for a one-on-one training session to get you familiar with the impressive power of the platform. Some of our most favorited features include: 

  • Integrated workforce planning that lets us know when it’s a smart time to hire
  • Visually clear and powerful rolling financial forecasts that help us make the case for new capital
  • Flexible budgets built with custom drivers and our company KPIs in mind, all of which help our business stay on track and adapt more quickly to changing conditions
  • Company-wide reports designed for collaborating, editing and sharing with ease
  • A secure, integrated connection with our accounting software that automatically tracks our accounting data in real-time

Of course, we feel confident recommending Jirav to our clients — we’ve been utilizing the platform internally as a company!

“It was easy for us to choose Jirav over other products in the market because of their intelligent approach of combining accounting, workforce and company operational data all in one clear and collaborative space.” 

Learn More About Jirav Financial Dashboards

Jirav is a globally-recognized financial planning company that helps your business get ahead and stay ahead with access to smarter financials and instant insights. The Jirav Lite tool is a completely customizable dashboard that gives you real-time financial data through a user-friendly dashboardMeet the team and learn about the history of Jirav

Set Up Your Financial Dashboard

If you’re already a current client and are interested in getting your Jirav financial dashboard set up, book a one-on-one training session here.

If you’re not yet an Acuity customer but are interested in financial services for your small business (and taking advantage of this awesome perk!), let us know here