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Top 3 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Cloud Accounting Services

By October 18, 2018 No Comments

Cloud accounting servicesIn today’s economy, both consumers and business owners are more focused on cost-effectiveness than anything else — it’s just the smart way to navigate the current climate. The next smart thing? Making the most of your accounting services, and leveraging them to do the work for you.  

Besides exploring the benefits of your company’s monthly expenses, there are a few, essential tips that can help maximize your business’s resources and guarantee that you never miss a strategic way to improve your bottom line.

1. Participate in surveys.

Communication is a major way to get your point across, and if you’re struggling with something (or vice versa, love something), the best way to make your opinion known is to take part in the surveys sent out by your vendors.

While it may seem like answering into a void, companies really do use the information to improve business practices and enhance the quality of the product or service. So be as honest as possible, and chances are you’ll see better results and more frequent updates from the products and services that you use.

2. Read the fine print.

Do you know what perks come along with the products and services you’re currently using? If you don’t read the fine print, you probably don’t — just like that gym membership you bought and never took advantage of because they buried the free training sessions deep in the welcome packet.

Being consciously aware of all the benefits that come with a product or service is important. That’s why we do our best to keep our clients aware of our CFO office hours — it’s one of the Acuity perks that is most loved AND is most beneficial. All of our bookkeeping and accounting clients get a free 30-minute conversation with one of our CFOs every quarter, and it’s the kind of strategic opportunity we love for our clients to take us up on. (We definitely don’t bury it in our welcome packet!)

3. If you need something, say something.

We all wish companies could read our minds and give us exactly what we need. In fact, research shows that 38% of people aren’t even comfortable with communicating their own needs at all, proving this point even further. But the truth is there’s no way to get what you need without asking critical questions or making the necessary suggestions. And that applies to your books — which can get pretty tricky, pretty quickly.

So take the time to schedule a phone meeting or email your customer advocate when you’re confused. It’s exactly why we built our customer success team — so that you can get the help you need from the people who can make the changes. We’re passionate about your success, and we’re always happy to eliminate the challenges that come your way.

With these key tips in hand, you can get the most out of your cloud accounting services — and any other services you’re using — so that you can count on a job well done. Want to learn more about how you can leverage your services? We are always happy to chat one-on-one if you have any questions. Book a FREE 30-minute consultation with us.