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Getting ready to file taxes

By February 12, 2015 No Comments

Ok time to put 2014 in the official books and that means time to file our 2014 tax returns.

Getting ready to file taxes

We hear it all the time, people just haven’t had the time throughout the year to get organized … not everything got in their books the way they wanted it … I meant to do it over the weekend, my dog ate my homework (that last one might have been from my kids).

But now the tax filing deadlines are upon us.

Two steps to filing your taxes

Filing your taxes the right way is a two-step process:

1) Get everything in the right buckets – You first have to get organized and get everything into the right categories and everything all in one place.

2) Get it filed –  You have to get with your tax CPA so you can make sure to take advantage of tax credits and keep it between the lines on all the technical tax items.

What we forgot last year

It is a two-step process and we are really good at the getting you organized and at the same time your tax CPA is really busy at that time and is not so good at getting you organized. Ask any tax CPA and they would rather just do step 2.

What we are doing this year

So we are dedicating 5 people to being on call to clean up the books and get you ready to send things to your tax CPA so they can do the whole step 2 thing. Doesn’t matter where you are around the country our folks do this remotely and are used to getting things cleaned up.

We are here to help so reach out and contact us – this year we will be step 1 go-to guys for you.

And tax folks, don’t be shy, let us help you too. Stick to what you are good at – keeping us inside the lines and not missing credits and deductions.