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Getting to know you

By February 6, 2015 No Comments
As an entrepreneur, a really strange thing happened to me recently. An AcuityComplete team member was talking about a company and I asked how they knew them. My colleague looked at me blankly and said “Uh… because they’re one of our clients.”


As you read that, you’re probably thinking: “Congrats, Kenji…. you must have had a really small business to have previously known all of your customers.”


Fair point. Our historic client base and business model allowed us to really get to know those we served. Plus, when you first launch a business every initial client is the oxygen you breathe. You obsess about every little thing your clients do to the point that I even had recurring nightmares about them…. their office catching fire, them going out of business. Weird times.


Our business has grown. Triple-digit growth rates last year….super exciting and a kinda daunting. Our business has changed. More offerings….lots of new team members. So the ability to “know” clients is more challenging from a pure numeric standpoint. That said, I set a goal to personally talk to a set number of clients per week to learn about how we can better serve them and to learn more about their business.


So I’m only a few weeks into this experiment and I can’t believe I haven’t been doing this systemically from the start. The early results of spending this time with clients has given me much more clarity on both our team’s strengths and our opportunities to be better. And personally, I’m doing more of what I’ve always been most passionate about…. working with fellow entrepreneurs on value creation.


This “customer success” role that I’m playing feels like a great opportunity to better serve clients, improve the performance of our team, and stay close to my personal roots in entrepreneurship. Win, win, win. Will I get to know every one of our clients? Probably not if our sales team keeps cranking like they are. But now I’m convinced that initial goal I had of “knowing all of our clients” has revealed something of greater value than the goal itself…. the intentional pursuit of knowing our clients as a core habit.