Spend less time chasing financial documents, and more time running your business. Hubdoc automatically fetches bank statements, bills, and receipts from over 700 financial institutions, utilities, telecom providers and online vendors; extracts the key data; and publishes transactions to Xero with source documents attached.

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Your business is always on. And, whether you realize it or not, it generates a ton of transactions. Without the right technology, keeping track of your bills, receipts, and statements can become a full-time job. Hubdoc is a cloud bookkeeping solution that helps small businesses and their advisors spend less time chasing financial documents and more time growing their business. With Hubdoc, documents and their data are automatically fetched from hundreds of financial institutions and suppliers and seamlessly synced to cloud accounting software, such as Xero and QuickBooks Online. To streamline this process, and to help you save time, Hubdoc auto-fetches your financial documents from over 700 connections in North America. Hubdoc also provides tools for manually uploading documents that cannot be automatically fetched (e.g., paper receipts), via mobile app, desktop, or email. When everything is in Hubdoc, the key data is extracted (vendor name, date, and total amount), and seamlessly synced to your general ledger software as an accurately coded transaction with the source document attached, enabling one-click reconciliation and audit-proofed books.


Easily manage and send bills, receipts, and statements to your advisor

Eliminate storage space (and auto-file documents securely and automatically)

Get better business data, faster

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