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You started your biz for the good stuff, not to fuss over cash flow and accounting. But that’s what we’re all about, so leave it to us.

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What Makes Acuity Stand Out From The Crowd

Still getting your business off the ground? Our basic bookkeeping package provides the minimum accounting support you need to operate a successful business, with monthly financial statements, real-time weekly updates, strategic quarterly insight from a CFO, and getting set up on the right accounting technologies.

But as your business grows and becomes more complex, you’ll need a partner that scales with you. Back office accounting duties are quick to eat up your time – and let’s face it, you didn’t start your business so you could manage payroll. That’s where Acuity’s add-on services come in.

From filing tax returns in multiple states to tracking down unpaid invoices, choose the outsourced bookkeeping services that are right for you and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your finances are in order.

Select Add-On Services As You Scale

As part of our top two most popular bookkeeping packages, you can choose from a suite of outsourced bookkeeping services designed to support your growth. Select two of these add-ons for no additional fee:

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Not sure where to begin?

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outsourced payroll


Outsourced payroll services are a business owner’s best friend. Why?

Well, paying your employees on time is a big dealNot only is it required by law, but it can make a huge difference in how long your team sticks around.

Plus, late or inaccurate paychecks can accrue more costs for your business, like government fines. Whether they’re from the Department of Labor, the IRS, or the state workers’ compensation boards, these penalties are quick to add up.

Getting Payroll on Track

At Acuity, we know how important it is for your payroll system to be up to snuff, especially as you grow your business.

With our payroll add-on, take the burden off. Let us handle new employees when they’re hired, pay rate changes, and of course, administering payroll each pay period.

Sign up for our outsourced payroll services and let us take care of the details, saving you time and headaches.

outsourced bookkeeping services

Business Income Tax

Business income tax can be a real headache. There are tons of tax laws, regulations, and deadlines to keep track of.

And let’s not even get started on calculating the tax bill for a business with multiple sources of income and expenses.

No worries, though! We’ll take care of the complicated stuff for you. 

Comprehensive Support

We work with you to ensure that your U.S. and state tax returns are accurate, complete, maximized for deductions, and filed on time.

Plus, our team of dedicated tax experts are there for support year-round!

With a quick phone call, you can get any tax questions answered so that you can get back to confidently running your business.


Navigate important tax deadlines and requirements for your business with our guide. We cover everything from tax extensions, frequently asked tax questions, quarterly tax payments, and more.
Take Charge of Your Taxes

We’ve helped over 2,000 entrepreneurs like you grow with our outsourced bookkeeping services.

I have recommended Acuity’s services to multiple of my customers. My core competency is not cleaning up my books. Working with Acuity has given me time back in my day to focus on what I'm good at, and I'm still confident about my books being clean.

Sheshank KamalapuramFounder & CEO of Vanguard International Solutions

We started using Acuity for payroll and then payment processing. As we grew, we needed help keeping up with our books. Now we have a part-time CFO and part-time Controller. Acuity has been able to come alongside us every step of the way to be the consistent expert through every stage of growth. They have been an irreplaceable part of our business who has definitely been able to grow and scale with us.

Andrew McConnellCEO of

We've been with Acuity for four years. We started off with basic bookkeeping and have added more services since then. Working with Acuity has: 1) Given me time back so that I can focus on growing the business. 2) Helped me better present to investors. 3) Given me peace of mind.

Harsh VathsangamPhD, Co-Founder & CEO of Moving Analytics

I have used Acuity for my company since it launched in the 2000s. As my business has grown and changed over the last 10 years, Acuity has shifted right along with it, which is rare for a financial services company. While I value the money and business acumen in my Acuity partners, it's the consistent demonstration for excellence and doing the right thing that I appreciate most. I highly recommend Acuity.

Chadwick BoydTV Host, Food & Lifestyle Expert and President of L&D Enterprises
outsourced bookkeeping services


One word: cash.

Music to a business owner’s ears, right? A good invoicing system helps keep the cash flowing and your finances in check.

Why? No more waiting on payments from clients. And no more mistakes or disputes with clients because of messy manual tracking.

At Acuity, we make it easy to send invoices and get paid on time as you scale.

We handle all the details, from creating to sending invoices – because a professional invoicing system sends a message to your clients that you mean business!

By outsourcing bookkeeping services like invoicing, you’ll see a boost in cash flow, better record keeping, and more free time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Outsourcing Saves You Money.

It’s true – outsourced accounting services are more cost-effective! Rather than hiring a bookkeeper or accountant in-house, you eliminate overhead costs, recruitment and training costs. It also allows you to just pay for the resources you need!
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outsourced collections


Thinking about outsourced collections services? Smart move – it’s a game changer. No more stress chasing down late payments.

Plus, you can free up time and resources that would otherwise be spent tracking income down.

At Acuity, our team of experts has the experience and leverage to effectively collect on past due accounts.

And with outsourced collections, you can maintain better relationships with your customers since they’re handled by a third party.

We’ll take care of the entire process, from sending reminders to negotiating payment terms, sending follow up emails to giving people a call, so you can see a clear picture of your finances and avoid lost income.

How Do I Pick?

We get it! With outsourced bookkeeping services, it can be hard to tell which add-ons you need. We’re one call away from helping you discover the best solutions for your business.
Let’s Choose Together
outsourced bookkeeping services

Bill Pay

A bill pay system is a must for businesses. It frees up your time, helps you stay organized, and can even save you money in the long run. Here’s why:

Your precious time.

Instead of manually writing checks and keeping track of due dates, our bill pay add-on does it all for you. We handle all the details, from organizing and categorizing your bills to sending payment on time, so you can focus on other aspects of your business. 

Organization is key.

Say goodbye to stacks of bills and missed due dates.

While we keep everything organized and categorized, you can easily keep track of all your bills in one place. That way, you know exactly where you stand financially.

Who doesn’t want to save money?

A good bill pay system can actually help you save money. How?

We’ll receive, process, and route invoices to the correct business, staying on top of due dates and payments, meaning you’ll avoid having to pay late fees and penalties.

Plus, with the right set up, we can even get you a little cash back on some of your payments!

Ready to start outsourcing? Book your free call.

During your meeting, we’ll tackle any questions you have, and provide personalized accounting solutions to boost your biz.

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outsourced bookkeeping services

Deposit Management

As you grow and continue to acquire clients, deposit management can be a real pain in the neck.

Identifying late-paying customers and staying on top of your cash flow gets time-consuming and confusing.

Well, we’ve got the solution for you! By outsourcing your deposit management to us, our team will take care of managing your customer payments and keeping your cash flow in check.

We’ll identify who owes what and apply payments to invoices, so you can sit back and relax.

In addition, we’ll provide you with an Accounts Receivable Aging Report that shows which invoices are outstanding and how long they’ve been unpaid.

From there, you can escalate in whatever form or fashion you prefer. (Maybe that’s outsourcing your collections to us, too?)

But the best part is – we can help you save money in the long run! By putting a solid deposit management system in place, you can avoid missing out on unpaid invoices.

About Us

At Acuity, we’re all about making accounting a breeze for entrepreneurs. We believe in getting to know you and your goals, so we can give you the best advice possible.

Whether you’re a SaaS company, new startup, ecommerce biz, or creative agency, we’ve got you covered with our outsourced bookkeeping services. We’re committed to delivering top-notch service with personalized solutions, and making sure all the details are taken care of.

outsourced bookkeeping services

Employee Expense Reporting

As you scale, it gets overwhelming to handle everything in-house.

One back office task that can become too time-consuming and complex is employee expense reporting.

Makes sense, though, right? The more employees you have, the more expense reports you have to deal with.

From tracking down receipts to entering data into spreadsheets, the process can quickly become a time sink.

By outsourcing employee expense reports to Acuity, you can actually save your biz money in the long run!

By ensuring expenses are handled accurately and efficiently, you’ll save time and avoid any mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does bookkeeping help my business?

Bookkeeping is an essential part of running a successful and compliant business. It provides you with accurate and up-to-date financial information, helping you monitor cash flow, track expenses, and prep for tax season. With consistent bookkeeping, you’ll be equipped to run your business more efficiently and effectively.

What does a bookkeeper do?

A bookkeeper handles the day-to-day finances for a business. They record transactions, balance the books, and create reports, ensuring that they maintain financial compliance.

Does Acuity provide invoicing, bill pay, payroll, or expense management?

Yes, we do! These outsourced bookkeeping services are just a few of the offerings we provide to our clients. More details on our invoicing, bill pay, payroll, and expense management services can be found above. Just scroll up!

Will Acuity handle my federal and state income tax returns? What about my personal tax return?

Yes to all 3! With our business income tax add-on, we’ll take care of your federal and state tax returns, in addition to your individual tax return. However, personal tax returns are only offered for people who use our business income tax services as well.

How does pricing work?

Pricing for our bookkeeping services depends on what you need. A full breakdown of our bookkeeping packages and the sliding scale for pricing can be found on our pricing page.
Not sure which services you need? No worries. Hop on a free consultation with Tyler, and he’ll find the best personalized solutions for you and your business.

How do prices change as I grow?

At Acuity, price changes are related to volume and complexity. The first price increase in our basic bookkeeping package is when you exceed 400 transactions per month.
An example of changes to pricing is in our payroll service. We price payroll differently depending on the number of employees you have and how frequently you process payroll.

What types of companies does Acuity serve?

We serve entrepreneurs in the startup and SaaS, ecommerce, cryptocurrency, and creative/agency industries.

Does Acuity integrate with QuickBooks or Xero?

At Acuity, we’re proud partners of both Xero and QuickBooks, meaning that we work with clients who are using either accounting software! If you’re not using one of these two softwares when you become a new client, we’ll get you set up on the best option for your business.

Can Acuity handle my 1099s?

Yes, we can! Here are some ways we can help with your 1099s, depending on your situation:

1. If you are a current customer who utilized our 1099 services last year, we’ve already got you on this year’s list. All you need to do now is stay tuned for further details.

2. If you are a current customer who did not utilize our 1099 services last year, we’ve got you covered! Just schedule a time to chat with your services team member. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll complete a basic analysis to determine the health of your books and check for any important details that may be missing from your W9 records.

3. If you are not currently an Acuity customer but are interested in 1099 help or other tax services — reach out to our team today to discuss your options!

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