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Most Important Small Business Tax Services and Financial Services During Year-End

By November 19, 2020 No Comments

Ever wonder what other business owners like you are doing to improve their back office throughout the year? Well, let us tell you! Here are our newest and/or most popular services and resources this quarter. 

Accounts Receivable Management (ARM)

This service gets you your cash faster. In 2020, most businesses were met by a significant downturn in fluid cash. To get funds into your accounts more quickly, we launched our new Accounts Receivable Management service, which utilizes two industry-leading, smart technology tools – called InvoiceSherpa and Collbox. Our team employs these tools to optimize your receivables process. We’ll issue reminders for past due invoices, assist your business’ customers in completing their payments, and publish detailed notes and client feedback for you. Consequently, we deliver results that are both more effective and efficient with confidence that you can rely on. Interested? If your customers are slow to pay, talk to us about getting your cash faster!

Small Business Tax Services

In every quarter, our tax service has maintained a significant lead as the most popular add-on product for Acuity clients. That’s largely due to the fact that our tax department was built specifically for startup and small business owners who know that proactivity, strategy and overall efficiency are precious time (and money) savers. Ensuring that your business and personal taxes are handled in a timely and secure fashion from the first of the year lines you up for early filing, faster processing times and money in your pocket much more quickly if you’re expecting a refund. Try our quarterly tax estimate calculator in preparation for the next quarterly deadline, or consider using this time to get more strategic tax advice

Filing 1099s

The deadline to file 1099s is right around the corner! We highly recommend using our guide to the 1099 form 2020. If you’d rather just take this off your plate (we don’t blame you) here’s how you can do that:  

  • If you are a current customer who utilized our 1099 services last year — we’ve already got you on this year’s list. All you need to do now is stay tuned for further details, which you can expect to receive soon!
  • If you are a current customer who did not utilize our 1099 services last year — we’ve got you covered! Just schedule a time to chat with us about how everything works
  • If you are not currently an Acuity customer but are interested in 1099s help or other tax services — reach out to our team today to discuss!

Small Business Payroll

There are so many small business payroll providers out there in the market these days, and it can be fairly difficult to know if you’re genuinely getting the best value and service for your cost. Clients reach out to us every year before the beginning of the new year to evaluate their current payroll provider and plan. As a courtesy, our team will perform an analysis of your payroll details to ensure you’re utilizing a provider that’s truly the best fit for your business.

Outsourced CFO Office Hours 

Did you know that all Acuity clients can meet (complimentary) with one of our CFOs each quarter? These CFO sessions are a great time to explore:

  • any developing financial plans
  • concerns around business strategy
  • advanced reporting
  • any upcoming changes that you may have on your mind

Our experienced CFOs are on standby to offer reliable advice and insights that help you and your business thrive. Want to connect with an Acuity CFO this quarter? Just click here and select your preferred date and time! Really – it’s that easy.

Interested in additional CFO services (including building a financial model, building a financial assessment or a recurring, monthly financial review)? Learn more here. 

PPP Loan

Of course, we had to cover one of the biggest topics of the year – that’s PPP loans and their forgiveness. Our teams readily jumped into the research and numerous industry conversations around the fast-changing subject. As such, we soon developed a free PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator, alongside several other accessible resources, all of which you can find located under the “COVID-19 Resources” tab on our website.

Want to add one or more of these recommended services to your engagement? Click here to book time with a member of our team.