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The Venture Atlanta 2022 Presenting Companies — In One Sentence Each

By October 4, 2022 No Comments

The 15th Annual Venture Atlanta Conference is Oct. 19-20! Venture Atlanta selects the top tech companies from across the Southeast to present in front of hundreds of investors from across the country.

Lucky for you, this is the right place to be for insider insight! Acuity Co-Founder Matthew May is the president of Atlanta Technology Angels, and he serves as an Advisory Board Member for Venture Atlanta. Take a look at his cheat sheet below to get a sneak peak…

This Is Who’s Raising >10MM

  • VIVA Finance – Unsecured personal loan platform underwritten by employment data and paid directly by payroll providers.
  • OneRail – Supply chain solution that optimizes last mile execution and delivery operations.
  • Vu Technologies – Network of virtual studios serving filmmakers, production companies, corporate brands, and developers.
  • Netsoft (Hubstaff) – Time tracking tool with proof of work metrics and a robust workforce management and analytics platform.
  • Yellow Card – Crypto and financial infrastructure in Africa.
  • Motionworks (f/k/a Intermx) – Population intelligence that empowers privacy-compliant, data solutions.
  • Marco – Platform providing trade finance to SME exporters and liquidity for small and medium exporters in Latin America.
  • Evident – Platform for the communication and qualification of insurance verification requirements.
  • Everyware – Platform for card present and card not present payment methods.
  • Medigi – Pharmaceutical procurement platform to streamline sale and distribution from manufacturer to pharmacy.
  • Harness – Financial data platform that allows cardholders to program their payment card.
  • Coginiti Corp – Platform of tools to build insights and collaborate around the use of unstructured data in the enterprise.
  • Cooleaf – Team engagement platform that enables immersive experiences, performance incentives, and recognition.
  • CAST AI – Reduces the cloud cost of customers by 50 to 75% in just minutes.
  • SemiCab – AI/ML and optimization technologies create a freight marketplace by reducing empty trucks in the freight network.
  • Kayhan Space – Autonomous satellite detection platform to reduce the response time to potential collision events.
  • Lucid Drone – Robotic solutions to perform integral service work, such as a cleaning drone.
  • Leasecake – Operating system of location management for commercial real estate.

This is Who’s Raising 5-10MM

  • Offbeat Media – Digital media company that has a roster of IP with over 15 million fans around the world to power avatar celebrities.
  • Rippleworx – People retention and analytics platform.
  • Mitivate – Care plan that coordinates patient care for eligible specialty care procedures.
  • RentCheck – Tech platform that brings rental inspection data into a central place.
  • Omedym – B2B buying experience with digital-guided product experiences that accelerate effectiveness.
  • Seed & Spark – Enterprise SaaS platform replaces ineffective corporate training videos with cinematic learning experiences.
  • QuantHub – Data literacy and data science assessment and training delivered “in-the-flow-of-work.”
  • – Low-code platform to deliver financial services for your community.
  • GoCoach – Executive level coaching and e-learning content platform. $1.5MM left in round.
  • Rail Solutions – LMS platforms focusing on knowledge transfer in employee centric change initiatives.
  • Preteckt – Enabling diagnostic decision-making of vehicle maintenance technicians.
  • Quinsite – Platform to integrate, organize, and analyze data from disparate sources for healthcare.
  • Hook Security – Cyber security training experiences based on psychological research.
  • EcoMap – Creates platforms to power ecosystems, from local communities to industries.

This is Who’s Raising 3-5MM

  • Allobee – Vetted freelance workforce and consolidated ERP solution for outsourcing.
  • 1 True Health – Technology-enabled clinical services to help manage chronic and acute conditions.
  • Carpool Logistics – Car shipping platform to connect companies shipping vehicles with car haulers in minutes, not days.
  • Jax – Car rental marketplace that connects fleet owners to rideshare and delivery drivers that don’t have cars.
  • Speedscale – Speedscale stress tests APIs to prevent production outages and reduce pre-production cloud spend.
  • Togal.AI – AI algorithms to detect, label, and measure project spaces, walls & objects.
  • Patientory – Blockchain to aggregate health data to enable actionable insights for individuals.
  • Physician 360 – Enabling pharmacies an affordable way to offer clinical services.

This is Who’s Raising 1-3MM

  • Smart Alto – Integrated text, email, social based “cold call” platform for realtors.
  • Onwards HR – Risk mitigation platform that helps HR, Legal, and Finance teams to streamline the employee separations.

Tickets for Venture Atlanta are available now for purchase.

And while we’re on the topic of pitching, check out Matthew’s tips on how to raise capital alongside his fundraising tips on YouTube.

After you land a meeting, take advantage of the opportunity to work with one of our CFOs to build a financial model that makes sense to investors.