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Your Bookkeeper Is Doing It Wrong If…

By August 5, 2013 No Comments

QuickBooks Online



See those arrows in that red box?  Every active bank account and credit card account that you have should have those arrows.  If not, your bookkeeper is doing it wrong.


In QuickBooks, that icon indicates that those bank and credit card accounts are actively linked into your accounting system.  That means that transactions that occur in those accounts automatically get entered into QuickBooks every single day.  You have to make sure that the transactions get categorized correctly, which is often called “accepting” or “matching” in bean-counting lingo, but this is much less time consuming than manual entry.

If your bookkeeper hasn’t automated these accounts and gives you one of these excuses:

“I’m not sure our bank allows for online access.”

“I’m worried that integrating our accounts might cause us to double-count transactions.”

“I’m more comfortable just entering it from the paper statement that is mailed to us.”

You need to challenge them and question whether they are capable of keeping your accounting function modernized or are trying to take their sweet time at their hourly rate to perform work that should be done automatically.


Is your bookkeeper keeping pace with technology changes that improve your business’s accounting function?  What other good automation techniques are you using to eliminate manual entry?