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Our accounting services will take your business to the next level – and beyond.

Automation only goes so far.

Let us take your books to the next level and bridge the gap between reporting and vital insight. With a dedicated controller, we’ll make sure you’re ready for investors, scaling up, and everything in between. 

The best part? Your controller is flexible to meet as much or as little as necessary, with no minimum requirement. It’s just one more way we’re making it easier for you to get back to business.

When’s the right time for outsourced accounting services?

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Hi, I’m Kenji with Acuity.


Hi, I’m Kenji and I am the founder and CEO of Acuity and just wanted to talk a little bit about the controller function and when your business might need a controller. Typically, we see that small businesses, as they’re growing and things are becoming more complex in their accounting function, may be a good time to think about bringing in a controller. Most people know about CFOs, they’re the top-level tier on the accounting function. People probably also understand how bookkeepers work, the more day to day transactional. So that controller role kind of sits in the middle of them, which is nice because what it actually is, it makes them a very, very flexible resource. They can really handle a lot in your business. We tend to think about them being kind of the glue that holds the accounting function together.


All of our controllers at Acuity come from accounting backgrounds, have worked in public accounting, have accounting degrees. So this is definitely a resource that has a much more technical skillset than your typical bookkeeper would. Think about them as someone who can really help bring strong processes to your business, some more advanced financial reporting that either you, your board of directors, or maybe your investors might need. So if you think you may be ready to utilize a controller or just have a few more questions, we’d love it if you’d reach out to us and we’d be happy to kind of talk you through these services and how they may benefit you.

Not sure what you need?

Here’s what outsourced accounting services can do for you.

Deliver timely and accurate data to get the full financial picture so you can build accurate budgets and cash flow forecasts.

Incorporate streamlined workflow processes to focus your business on development and new revenue streams.

Assist with complex accounting issues such as deferred revenue, accruals, and GAAP-based accounting.

Meet our team of controllers.

Each dedicated controller averages more than 15 years of experience. See someone you may want to work with? Get in touch — we are excited to talk.

You’ll love having a controller.

You have a finite amount of time and money, and our dedicated controllers are equipped to help you best manage it. More than delivering accurate monthly reports, a controller is an expert in accounting functions and acts as a watchdog for your finances, challenging your processes to be more efficient and in-tune with the core business.

At Acuity, our company controllers go even further to be the best financial analysts and strategy drivers in your business. They’ll be your essential advocates — helping you guide your company towards the best outcome.

What They’re Saying

Working with Acuity has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. It’s so nice to dial into QuickBooks and trust the balance that is there. It has taken so much stress off of me.

Ben GriffinFounder & President of CEOIQ

We’ve been with Acuity for four years. We started off with basic bookkeeping and have added more services since then. Working with Acuity has: 1) Given me time back so that I can focus on growing the business. 2) Helped me better present to investors. 3)Given me peace of mind. Or financial planning has produced a lot of predictability.

Harsh VathsangamPhD, Co-Founder & CEO of Moving Analytics

As a business owner, handing over control of your your books is really hard. But the truth is, before Acuity, I was spending way too much of my time on accounting tasks. Now I only have to log into QuickBooks every once in a while, and everything is always right! And I can focus my time on running my business - which is what matters most.

Brooke BeachCEO of Marketwake

Great company to work with! Acuity is an invaluable help for accounting and bookkeeping for us!

Kell CantyCEO of Verady

It has been great working with Matthew and David at Acuity. They have provided great guidance and advisory services to our company. The company has an innovative approach to accounting because they work with the latest improvements in technology such as cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Jay Singh

Acuity knows startups. We used their fractional CFO and controller services as well as their A/P and fixed-fee bookkeeping and were very pleased with the level of service and results. Matthew and Kenji are not only pros at what they do; they’re entrepreneurs themselves who are very active in the Atlanta ecosystem. They have my unqualified recommendation!

Brian DallyCo-Founder & CEO of GROUNDFLOOR

Acuity has been a great partner to grow with us from zero to over $100,000 in MRR. They keep us on track and we know we can trust them. As any startup with investors knows, our books need to be accurate so our investor and board can see how the business is truly performing. Acuity knows this space really well and has strategically helped us navigate the numbers and ensure they are accurate. They’re really responsive, so when our partners or board members have questions I know I can get answers quickly. Their price is fair – to be able to depend on your books and know they are completely accurate at all times? That is invaluable to me.

David Moeller

We refer a lot of our startups to Acuity. We know the financials and reporting will be correct and our investors rely on this information. It’s always a great feeling to know I can call either Matthew or Kenji directly since they are both so involved in the startup community in Atlanta. They really understand any situation and can provide solid advice.

Blake PattonManaging Partner & Founder of Tech Square Ventures

We started using Acuity for payroll and then payment processing. As we grew, we needed help keeping up with our books. Now we have a part-time CFO and part-time Controller. Acuity has been able to come alongside us every step of the way to be the consistent expert through every stage of growth. They have been an irreplaceable part of our business who has definitely been able to grow and scale with us.

Andrew McConnellCEO of rented.com

Within a few months of working with Acuity, they fixed the accounting problems that a previous company had created. We were beyond grateful. They scaled with us as we grew and played a major role in helping us prepare for the Microsoft acquisition. Not only did they help us prepare, but they walked us through every single step of acquisition process as a business partner, not just service provider. I’m honestly not sure where we would have been without Acuity’s help. Their team allowed us to run more efficiently and helped us navigate some very important financial decisions.

Jeremy Le VanCo-Founder of Sunrise

We actually tried to work with 4 different accounting firms before we ended up with Acuity. They are the only ones who have been able to keep up with us. It is hard to keep up with a young and growing company. We are constantly changing systems, modifying our processes, and changing up our business model. It seems like every month we have one new payment processor or operational channel onboarded or discarded. Acuity is the first company we’ve worked with that has been able to keep up with our books.

Wombi RoseCoFounder & CEO of Lovepop

By far the best team I've ever worked with. They truly understood the look I was going for and completely nailed it! I would highly recommend them as a company, you simply just won't find any better team!

Aura BrooksGraphic Designer

What do controllers do?

Great question — and don’t feel dumb because we get that question every day. Controllers do a lot and often more than you realize. Here are just a few of the things an Acuity controller can do for you:

  • Accrual accounting
  • Budgeting and audit support
  • Complex financial reporting
  • Accounting system migrations
  • Implementation of financial processes
  • GAAP-based accounting
  • Oversight of staff accountants
  • Interface with your tax advisor

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