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Taxes are complicated, and, as your business grows, they’ll only get more difficult. Between books and taxes and everything else on your plate, keeping your finances in order can be overwhelming. And juggling multiple vendors just adds to the stress. Acuity not only offers the best in bookkeeping and accounting but can provide full tax support as well. Work with our top CPAs to file on time and get the deductions and credits you deserve.

The best part? Our online tax services are paired with our bookkeeping services. This ensures that the tax planning strategies that we implement for your business effectively flow through to your personal tax return to maximize tax savings. Additionally, our real-time access to your business combined with our knowledge of your personal tax situations allows us to provide more personalized services than you could get from using separate vendors. We can be your one-stop shop for these back-office tasks, and you can focus on what you do best—running your business.

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Meet Chris Chapman: Acuity Director of Tax

Video Transcript


Hey everyone, it’s Kenji with Acuity, and the great exciting announcement today about the new tax service we are launching, really, really pumped about what that’s going to mean for a lot of our clients and small businesses. But even more excited to introduce you to the guy who’s going to be helping us run and lead this, our new director of tax, Mr. Chris Chapman. Chris, really, really excited to have you as part of our team. Give us a little bit of background on you.

Chris Chapman:

Well, I’m excited to be here, I’m very pumped as well and can’t wait to get started. As far as my background goes, I started at Ernst & Young in San Antonio, and then decided the big firm wasn’t for me, so I went to a little bit of a smaller firm in San Antonio, kind of like a mid-level size firm. And then from there, I went to an even smaller firm in College Station, and I’ve been here for the last five and a half years.


So I’m noticing a University of Texas Longhorn football helmet in the back. But you said you’re in college-

Chris Chapman:

Better believe it.


How does that work?

Chris Chapman:

It took some getting used to, but I’ve embraced it now. I’m the obnoxious Longhorn fan, and we haven’t been good for a while, but that’s all right with me. I’ll just wear my burnt orange proudly, and sport my pictures, and helmets, and all that, and it’s fun, I have fun with it.


Right in the heart of Aggie’s land, I love it, man. Also, we’ve talked before and we’ve got really similar backgrounds starting in big global public accounting, and an audit, but as you moved along you started kind of adding tax to your repertoire to where now that’s something you really prefer, tell me more about what drew you to tax?

Chris Chapman:

It’s my personality, I’m a people person, and I really enjoy helping people. And if you are in audit, and clients like to see you, and they like hanging out with you, you’re probably not a very good auditor. But when I started doing tax, and really started digging in, and getting to learn it, and developing these tax savings strategies with people, and saving them a lot of money, just helping them grow their businesses, it’s just been very fulfilling and a lot of fun. And I’ve developed some great relationships from it, and I knew early on that starting taxes, that’s what I wanted to do.


That’s awesome. That’s going to be so beneficial I think about what you can bring to you a lot of our client base. Tell me a little bit more about just kind of how were we able to pull you over, and get you to come and join Acuity? What are you looking forward to when you get over with us?

Chris Chapman:

Well, I’d been looking around for a while, I’ve been looking around for over a year because I’ve been at three different firms of various sizes, I just felt like I wanted a little bit more than the traditional firm. And then I think I had a conversation with you about a couple weeks ago, and right off the bat I knew, “Wow, this isn’t traditional, this is a modern practice, it’s an environment where change is embraced, everybody’s looking for the latest and greatest things.” And when I went up to visit the office, and I got to meet all the different departments, I was just blown away by how unique it was. But it wasn’t unique just to be different, it was unique for the benefit of the clients, and for the benefit of the workers. And it’s just thinking about starting a tax practice from the ground up with the resources that Acuity has, and with the environment, and the people, it’s really exciting and became a no brainer at that point, “Wow, I want to hop on board, I want to be a part of this.”


I appreciate you saying that that’s awesome. We were really grateful to have you when you came through Atlanta, because you felt like part of the team right away, and all the rest of our team members said that. And I’m looking forward to our clients getting to know you too. What’s going to be the best way for clients and people to connect with you when you start working with us?

Chris Chapman:

I would love to connect as soon as possible. You can reach me via email at [email protected], that’s C-O, not C-O-M. Or you can reach out to your customer success rep and get in touch with me that way.


Awesome. Awesome. Chris, super excited about you joining the team. I can’t wait to introduce you to a bunch of our clients, and other small business who are going to love some of the services you’re going to bring. Thanks man, and we’ll catch up again soon.

Chris Chapman:

I’m looking forward to it. Thank you Kenji, and hook them.

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