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Looking for a bookkeeping job? A tax job? An accounting job? If you love being an essential part of the framework that makes small businesses successful, you’ve found the right place. Our team thrives on partnering with innovative, digitally-savvy companies that think out of the box when it comes to problem solving. Those are the exact same qualities we look for in our employees.

So if pushing the envelope, bending the rules, and blasting through the status quo is what gets you out of bed in the morning, take a seat at our table. We’re just the right fit for you. 


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Best people. Best culture. Best training.

“Acuity is a flexible and incredibly supportive work environment with a focus on training employees to be well versed in innovative and critical cloud accounting software and practices. They also encourage ownership, accountability, and personal growth and development, which makes for a happy, productive office. I LOVE my job!” – Fara Habib, Cloud Accounting Specialist

Working at Acuity

We Have Employees All Over the Country…

…And in the Philippines, St. Lucia, & Greece, Too!

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AcuityCon is an annual event that we host in Atlanta where we bring together all of our employees and partners for two jam-packed days of connecting and learning. Since we’re all remote, it’s a great opportunity for the team to get to know each other and spend quality time in person. We also allocate time for our team members to talk with our tech partners, ask them questions, and learn about new features on the horizon. Additionally, we like to have a keynote session with industry experts (one year we hosted a live taping of the Cloud Accounting Podcast!). And finally, we end the work day with dinner and drinks. We have so much fun, and it’s one of our team’s favorite things about being an Acuity employee.

We’re headquartered in the Atlanta Tech Village.

“My goal was to find an accounting job where I could have some kind of balance because I always worked 40-50 hours, or maybe every 60 hours, and it was a nightmare. I found Acuity in 2017, and I was in awe when I spoke with Lisa and she said, ‘Oh you don’t have to start right now! I understand – it’s summer and you have kids.’ And that really felt like this is a company where you can not only continue your career, but you can have some kind of work-life balance.”

– Nita Mistry, Controller

We pride ourselves on a supportive team environment.
“We have a very collaborative environment, and we feel very strongly in helping each other. We have a great support system here.”
– Taylor McElheney, Director of Ops
We believe in flexible office hours.
“Your office can be anywhere. Parents with growing kids can spend more time with kids and work around their schedule.”
– Rabia Nafe, Ops Manager
We value commitment.
“I love working at Acuity! I love it because I have three toddlers at home. I get to still be present and involved in their everyday lives, but I get to have a career as well. I get to have an impact with our clients and our team members. We’re doing good work. We’ve got a lot of AcuityCares clients who are doing amazing things out there, and I get to be a small part of that. If I was working for a more traditional firm, that just wouldn’t be the case.”
– Julie Sapp, Ops Manager
Catie Dotson


Director of Recruiting

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