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How to Protect Yourself and Your Business from Identity Theft

By September 7, 2018 No Comments

identity theft

If you’re an executive at a business, this informal debrief is a must-attend. Your access to your company’s money and information makes you a target for identity theft. CEOs can be targeted because of their position of power, finance teams can be targeted for their access to financials, HR leaders can be targeted for their access to employee data, PMs can be targeted for their access to proprietary algorithms…the list goes on.

This isn’t meant to instill fear but more to bring to light the importance of taking the proper precautionary measures. Trust us – we were targeted and had we NOT been prepared, it could have spelled trouble for our business and the businesses that we serve. Tune into this talk with Acuity CEO, Kenji Kuramoto, and COO, Matthew May to learn how you can keep your business secure in the digital world.

Debrief on the newest SIM card attacks, and learn how to protect your business when T-Mobile and AT&T are handing your cell phone to hackers.

Discussion topics:

  • Matthew will share his story and how he was able to spot the warning signs
  • Learn what saved us from compromising data and what resources helped after the hack
  • Get in lessons learned as we have shared our experiences unabashedly with others

Matthew will briefly discuss tips for keeping cryptocurrency secure. To learn more, download his guide for hot storage and cold storage.

Tune In on 9/13 at 2pm Eastern