Cash Flow Calculator

An easy tool to help you
plan for your future finances.

Use this calculator to forecast your cash flow for 13 weeks.

Cash Flow Template

Benefits of a

Cash Flow Forecast Template

This handy tool helps you:

1. Find out whether your current cash flow is enough to cover your expenses for things like payroll, inventory, other operating expenses, and loan payments.

2. Identify where you can plan out your transactions, investments, and loan payments to keep your business cash flow positive.

3. See how much net cash you can expect to have on hand each week after income and expenses.

4. Improve your financial health and proactively plan for your future cash needs.

How to Use a Cash Flow Calculator

Just plug in the money you think you’ll earn and spend each week, sorted by transaction type, and the spreadsheet will total the values for you. It’s a simple way to forecast your business’s cash flow, and make more informed decisions.

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