Jirav makes financial planning & analysis easy, helping you share beautiful dashboards, forecast your finances and report your progress in real-time.

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Jirav deliver smarter financials and faster insights, helping you understand where your business has been and predict where you’re going. The system joins your cloud-based Accounting, HR, CRM and billing data together to automatically surface a sophisticated, interconnected reporting & planning portal that is unique to your business. The platform is built for companies looking to empower their finance functions with real-time reporting & collaboration across – bookings, billing, revenue recognition, cash flow, and workforce/expense planning – to get the answers they need, fast.

Jirav Financial Planning

Generate financial forecasts in real-time

Easy to read and interactive reports

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“I’m a big fan of Jirav’s customized reports. I love the ability to make a report book that you can populate each month. I’m no longer billing clients for doing Excel work. Those reports just get generated, and now I can actually sit down with my clients and focus on those important, high-level conversations.”

Todd SerulneckAcuity Managing Director

“Jirav has an excellent Customer Success team. They are willing to invest time in your success with the product.”

Lisa GilreathAcuity VP of Operations

“Models built in Excel just go stale so fast. So I love Jirav’s rolling forecast. That’s what I use all of the time.”

Matthew MayAcuity VP of Sales and Marketing

“Jirav syncs with Xero to provide quick budget to actual reports for our clients. It eliminates cumbersome spreadsheets and manual monthly input”

Dorrie ChungAcuity Controller

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