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Bookkeeping Cleanup: Everything You Need to Know

By January 31, 2020 No Comments

bookkeeping clean upTime is our only finite resource. It’s the only thing on this planet that is always diminishing.  And as entrepreneurs, we often feel like there is less time available to us than anyone. There are so many pressing and urgent needs that it’s very easy to get inundated and backlogged in following up on emails, keeping up with blog posts, and most definitely with keeping accounting records up to date. Life gets messy — it’s just reality. 

For example, when I was growing up, my mom didn’t want to get any outside help cleaning our house because she claimed she would feel the need to clean it herself so that it wasn’t “too” messy for the housecleaner. Ironic, right? But that’s probably how most entrepreneurs feel about their books. They feel bad or embarrassed that their books aren’t in good shape and don’t want to admit that they have a messy house. In our experience, we all have messy houses. In fact, it’s incredibly rare for us to take on a new client who has their books completely up to date, and that’s for one simple reason: They wouldn’t come to us if they didn’t need that kind of help. 

Here’s an example: One of our clients had not cleaned his books in five years when we signed him on. Plus, he was working with a combination of seven different credit cards and four different bank accounts, mixing personal and business expenses along the way. Trust us that when we say we’ve seen it all, we’ve really seen it all, and there’s no mess that we can’t handle. 

So, in the words of Marie Kondo, are your books “bringing you joy?” If not, here’s how we can help:

  1. We’ve got a team of experts. Our bookkeeping staff has 10+ years of experience on average, so you can hand it over with confidence (even the ugly stuff), and we’ll get to “scrubbing.” It’s good for tax season prep, and for every other season of the year, too. 
  2. We can get your books clean. Our goal is to take what you have, and get everything in order. We have a team that’s specifically dedicated to triaging, and this is what they do best. 
  3. And help them stay clean. The key to clean books is regular maintenance — and an extra hand to do the heavy lifting. Our bookkeeping services will ensure that your books stay clean, organized, up-to-date, and tax-ready.
  4. We’re price-effective, so you don’t have to make a huge financial choice. You can get started with our most basic bookkeeping package — our quarterly bookkeeping plan — for just $195 a month, and if you need a bookkeeping clean up to go with it, it’s $115 an hour and you only pay for however much you need.
  5. We’re designed to help you scale. The best part of clean books is that it’s an insight into what’s next for your company. And once you know what’s possible, your growth is going to skyrocket. So we might start with a bookkeeping cleanup, but as you grow, we can grow with you. From regular bookkeeping services to building a model or financial assessment with a CFO, we can help.  

So if you feel like your accounting function is messy, don’t worry. Most entrepreneurs are in the same boat.  If you’re concerned it’s going to be too costly for a bookkeeping cleanup, our hope is that this simple pricing gives you the freedom to offload some of that stress to us — because we can help.

What else holds you back from getting your books caught up to date?  Drop us a comment and let us know what’s worked for you or where you wish you could get more help.­ And if you’re ready to have a conversation about how to get your bookkeeping in a good place, we’re happy to talk. Message us, and we’ll get some time put on the calendar. In the meantime, feel free to tweet us any bookkeeping questions you have — we love to help.