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Introducing Acuity’s People Advisory Services

By July 19, 2021 No Comments

people advisory servicesPayroll doesn’t have to be a compliance-only project. Sure, keeping the IRS and your employees happy is important. But a deeper look into your payroll can reveal a lot about your company’s workforce allowing you to capitalize on hidden information.

Discover Hidden Data

With Acuity’s people advisory services, you’ll learn the true cost of employee turnover and identify the key factors for why employees leave your business. 

Employee turnover costs your business more than just the job advertisements or recruiter fees. Do you think about lost productivity or the cost of paying employees’ salary when they’re training for their new role?

Often, it’s cheaper to keep employees engaged and satisfied than it is to replace them. Finding out what your employees want and value will help you with this goal. We can help you design and implement a feedback process to let you gather this critical information. 

Get Competitive

How do your company’s salary and benefits compare to your competitors?

Are you able to attract and retain talented employees that can help move your company forward?

In today’s competitive job market, potential employees have options. We can help you compile salary information to make sure the pay you’re offering is competitive. 

If you don’t offer benefits, we can help you select options relevant to your workforce that won’t break the bank.

You don’t want to lose out on hiring the right person for the job because your salary and benefits are at the back of the pack.

Queue for Success

Training employees, developing leaders, and providing relevant feedback are all pieces of a healthy workplace. 

Training employees and developing leaders all help take weight off of your shoulders. With engaged and capable staff, you have the freedom to focus your time and energy on strategic business goals. 

With a people advisor on your side, you have access to decades of insights into the best practices for managing employees. We can help:

  • Design training programs for new hires
  • Identify leadership opportunities for your staff 
  • Provide leadership programs to groom your next managers
  • Create evaluation and feedback programs to keep employees engaged 

And if technology help is what you need, we can help source the right solution for your business. 

Maybe you need cloud-based systems for your remote staff that’s easy to use and maintains productivity. Or you need a reliable time tracking system to ensure employees are paid for all the time they work. Our people advisors offer solutions customized to fit your business.

When you partner with Gusto and Acuity, you’ll get best-in-class payroll and people advice. Gusto’s cloud-based payroll software makes paying your employees a breeze. And the guidance you’ll receive from Acuity’s dedicated team of people advisors will drive your business to new heights. 

Whether you’re preparing to hire your first employee or already have a team, gain valuable insights to manage your workforce today. Check out our people advisory services offerings here.